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Keeping Up Your Health After College Graduation

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College graduation can be a scary and exciting time. So many new things are to come: a new job, a new home, a new friend group, basically a new life. While preparing for all these changes, there is one thing that tends to be overlooked: your health. Below are 9 health mistakes college grads make and how to avoid them according to Health Magazine. #1: Going to urgent care for all your medical needs. Try and build a relationship with a primary care doctor. Instead of using urgent care every time you need a doctor, find a primary care physician near you who can get to know you and your health needs. #2: Skipping health insurance Rather than getting hit with a fine for not having health insurance, why not sign up to actually save money? If you're under 26, you can be listed as a dependent under your parents health plan. If you're over 26, there are plenty of options when it comes to health insurance. Check out for more information about insurance coverage. #3: Eating a sad desk lunch every day Eating while distracted makes you more likely to disregard the calories you're consuming and more likely to be looking for a snack later on in the day. If you have the chance, try to eat away from your desk. It will benefit both your health and your happiness. #4: Getting out of the exercise habit Though you might not have free access to your campus's gym anymore, there are still plenty of opportunities for exercise. Make a habit out of it straight away and you'll be exercising like a champ in no time. Find something you love to do, whether it's biking around your neighborhood, taking an exercise class or even just doing jumping jacks in your living room. #5: Ignoring stress Any kind of stress can have detrimental effects on your health. Getting help when it comes to stress will help you be healthier in the long run. #6: Developing a seamless addiction to takeout The idea that takeout food is cheaper than a home-cooked meal is untrue. Along with being healthier and less expensive, making a meal for yourself has major health benefits. You can make sure all your major food groups are covered, and you can cook the perfect amount just for yourself. That way, you won't overeat with the large portions received with takeout! #7: Happy hour wings and beer five nights a week So many calories in the bucket of wings or that pitcher of beer. Try to keep the happy hours to a minimum, and when you do go out, look for lower-calorie options on the menu. #8: Forgetting what you learned in sex ed Be safe and make sure to get screened for any STD's. Don't think that just because you're done with the laid back college scene cancels out the need to be responsible about your health. #9: Losing contact with friends and family  In college, you have easy access to all your friends. Whether they live down the hall from you or take the same night class, it's easy to stay in touch during those four years. After college, however, your friend group may end up in different places with opposite schedules. Make sure you take the time to check in with them in order to maintain relationships and a strong support system.
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