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Why 30 Is Not the New 20: Claim Your Twenties

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Oftentimes, twenty-somethings are told they have plenty of time to get started on their life. The twenties are known as the "throwaway decade." People believe 30 is the new 20, so it's alright to waste an entire decade before settling down. Clinical psychologist Meg Jay sees this age a little differently. As a psychologist to a number of twenty-somethings, Jay says the twenties are a critical time for development. She states that they are a "developmental sweet spot" and a time to prepare for what's to come at age 30. It's her mission to change the way 20 year olds are thinking and doing things. Listen to Jay's advice on how to take advantage of your twenties. Don't just do experimental things and say they "don't count." It's true you've still got time to take responsible steps in building your future. Take advantage of it.
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