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The Future of Cancer Treatment is Minuscule

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Cancer is one of the top ten leading causes of death of all time. Every year millions of people die from its tragic various forms. With countless amounts of research and some of the best scientists and doctors in the world working to find a cure, how is cancer is still so deadly? One lead, is that oftentimes tumors aren't discovered until they've already grown to a harmful size. A good number of them aren't found until after they've been developing for at least ten years. If only there were a way to detect tumors sooner. Physician, bioengineer and entrepreneur Sangeeta Bhatia introduces new nanotechnology that can be used to detect tumors earlier than ever before. Scientists can now shrink a cancer detector to 100 nanometers, which is 1,000 times smaller that the width of a human hair. Watch the video below to hear her full speech.
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