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Sugar Takes a Major Toll on Heart Health

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It's no surprise that sugar takes a major toll on your health. But how exactly does it affect the body? A recent study in Atherosclerosis found that a high sugar intake causes obesity and increased risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes in children. The study involved 37 children ages 9 to 18 already at high risk for the latter three conditions. Subjects were given a diet that consisted of the same number of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates as their typical diets, but overall sugar consumption was greatly reduced. Foods high in added sugars were swapped out for healthier foods, like bagels and pizza. Their total dietary sugar intake was decreased from 28 percent to 10 percent, and their fructose intake from 12 to 4 percent. After only nine days on the new diet, researchers saw incredible improvements in the children's markers for heart disease. Triglyceride levels dropped, protein apoC-III was reduced and small, dense LDL cholesterol saw significant reductions. When these markers are decreased, individuals can expect to see positive impact in their risk for metabolic disorders and heart disease.
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