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This Is Your Brain on Communication

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Ever wonder contemplated the wonders of human communication? How is it possible to communicate with 8 million people of different languages and cultures? Neuroscientist Uri Hasson wondered the same thing, which is why he and his team at his Princeton lab conducted a number of experiments to monitor the brain during communication. It's no surprise that every brain is different. When at rest, each person's brain activity is slightly different, moving up and down at different paces. However, when they begin to listen to the same story, the activity in each behaves in a similar way. This is what Hasson calls "neural entertainment." Neural entertainment is driven by the meaning behind a story, rather than words or sound. This is why we can communicate with people of different cultures. Our brains sync regardless of language or accents because what really matters is the meaning we find behind a story. Our brains are incredible communication machines. Listen to Uri Hasson detail how our brains work during communication.
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