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Good News in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer

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While known to some, pancreatic cancer has become the third most fatal form of the disease. It's estimated that only eight percent of patients survive past five years. You might be asking why, after 40 years, have we made so little progress in treating such a destructive disease? Because the pancreas is located in the middle of the belly surrounded by vital organs, chemotherapy is often the only form of treatment available to patients. Unfortunately, the pancreas lacks necessary blood vessels, leaving no pathway for the compound to reach the cancer through the bloodstream. But a breakthrough might be just around the corner. Biomedical engineer Laura Indolfi has spent much of her career researching the disease and believes she may just have a solution. Laura has developed a new way to deliver drugs to the pancreas through the use of a small flexible device inserted onto the top of the pancreas. This small but incredible device acts as a cage, preventing the tumor from entering other organs. While this isn't the end of the story, it is an amazing step forward in pancreatic cancer treatment - and when it comes to cancer treatment, any step forward is a step worth celebrating. Watch the video to hear more about Laura Indolfi's breakthrough technology.
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