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The path to success? Being yourself.

July 19, 2017
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Why are we more drawn to certain people than others when it comes to medical care or for that matter, anything? Is it the way they dress, walk, speak, or present themselves? Or maybe just because their website looks cool. The answer is that people make conclusions about each other constantly based on a number of aspects, and these are usually about how you interact with others and indeed, how you present yourself or do your job. This is known as personal branding, and what that entails is about being genuine, authentic and delivering value. Branding is no longer reserved to large companies to sell soda. Having a good 'personal brand' means that every interaction you have with people gives them an idea about who you are as a person, how you deal with situations, and indeed how you adapt, collaborate and interact with others both personally and professionally. And remember, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. As a medical professional, having a consistent and well-respected personal brand can help you to "expand your practice, increase referrals, and increase the number of procedures that you perform," according to Medical News Today. Even though branding can go both ways in terms of being positive or negative, it is still a highly important and valuable aspect to anyone to help make others engage, trust and also come to expect a particular quality and consistency of work from you. First and foremost the key to successful branding is finding your point of difference, or more specifically, your unique selling point. Being authentic is what draws people to trust you, and will attract others that what you are 'selling' is unique to you and no one else. Branding is a thoughtful process and you need to dig deep into what makes you, you; what are your strengths, your talents? Who are you as a person and what qualities do you have that will make people trust you? As a doctor in-training or as a practicing professional, it is important that you consider how others already perceive you and take on any criticisms to find ways to improve. Global brand strategist Blaise James has a few helpful tips about personal branding.
  1. Think of yourself as an "embedded entrepreneur." This means that you have a different mindset, and can come up with alternative approaches to propel your company forward.
  2. Understand your talents and strengths, as well as those of your boss.
  3. Figure out what positive aspects of your organization that you and your consumers share. Make an effort to understand the customer!
  4. Use the Three P's: Purpose, Point of View, and Principles.
Don't forget, all of this is for nought if you don't know to share your personal brand. As Medical News Today explains, "Doctors in the U.S. get no exposure to business and organizational concepts as part of their training, so if they learn at all, it is the hard way, messy as that usually turns out to be." However, this should not worry you. In fact, take it as encouragement to seize every opportunity you get to share your brand with others, whether that's in a phone call, a brief conversation in a hallway, and even at social events. The more people know about your brand the better, and this will allow your reputation to flourish. Remember, quality and consistency wins the race!  

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