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Post-Hurricane Irma Day 1 Update, Dated: 9/7/2017.

September 07, 2017
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Yesterday Hurricane Irma passed over Anguilla with wind gusts up to 190 mph. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history. For most of the yesterday communication was down. However, today we have been able to communicate with several of our faculty and staff at our campus and some students. The new semester was scheduled to begin on Monday the 4th, so while most students were off island, there were about 60 students, 10 faculty, and 7 staff members that were on Anguilla along with the 13,000 resident Anguillans when the storm hit. Today we are doing a thorough assessment of the damage sustained during the Hurricane. We are also working with faculty & staff to confirm the safety of all students. Anguilla itself is without power and there is damage to several buildings and homes, and flooding in some areas. We are in communication with the Chief Minister’s office, as well as other local officials who are working tirelessly to bring Anguilla back to normalcy again. We are told the airport may be back in operation tomorrow. The SJSM campus sustained relatively minor damage considering the force of the hurricane. There are some broken windows and doors, and other things, but overall the campus buildings held strong. Our immediate effort will be to clean up the inside and outside of the campus, and restore power to the campus with generators till such time that the regular power supply is restored. All students who are on island are encouraged to contact us either by phone or Facebook or email. Keeping safety as your first priority, if you are in a position to venture out, please come to the campus over the next few days if possible. If you arrive on campus and no school representatives are available, please use the sign-in sheet that will be posted on the door of the white building. We will have a school official at the campus at 9am local time on Friday the 8th to give you more information. If you are not able to leave home, please text 1-264-729-0426 with your name and a quick text stating you are okay. We will be posting updates everyday on Facebook, the student portal, and via email. Please check back tomorrow for an update on when classes are estimated to resume. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at New students may contact their Admissions Advisors, current students may contact faculty or our Chicago office at 847-375-0543.
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