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Student Volunteering/Community Service on the Islands

April 19, 2018
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Saint James offers a lot more than a great medical education. Unlike a stateside med school, as a student here you have a unique opportunity to experience life in a country other than your own, and create meaningful relationships and connections with people of different cultures and backgrounds that provide the kind of real-world learning you can’t get in the classroom alone.   Community service and volunteering are among the core values of a Saint James education. And getting involved in our student organizations is key to the cross-cultural experiences you’ll have that set Saint James apart from other stateside schools. Whether it’s hosting community health fairs or bonding with children at a local orphanage, our students get to put their knowledge and skills to use, while forming friendships that build trust and understanding among your fellow students and the community at large.   For instance, students host “Wellness Wednesdays” at Massy’s, a local supermarket, where they offer free blood pressure and blood glucose screenings to shoppers. Our students also participate in health fairs with local organizations like the Dr. Hughes Dougan Foundation where hundreds of Vincentians receive free, basic health services like blood pressure and blood glucose readings, BMI assessments, visual acuity tests, and mental health screenings; as well as practical information like self-exam techniques for early detection of breast cancer.   The community service our students get involved in extends beyond just healthcare. Volunteers from Saint James are actively involved in the Anguilla Red Cross, participating in blood drives, charity runs, and providing health services to locals. Our students also support kids living at the St. Benedict Children’s Home for orphaned children in St. Vincent where they distribute donated clothes and school supplies, and spend the day just hanging out and having fun.   Student organizations are also a great way to get to know your classmates outside the confines of the classroom. Members of the recently formed African Student Association, for instance, host regular gatherings where students from all over the world get together to share their traditions, food, and music to celebrate the richness of their multicultural heritage. Why get involved? Because at Saint James, you’re not just a student. You’re part of a community. Top 5 reasons for volunteering: 1. Build and strengthen your people skills 2. Gain a deeper understanding of people’s healthcare needs and the social determinants of health affecting the communities where you live and work 3. Provide essential care to underserved populations 4. Practice teamwork and collaboration 5. Build lasting relationships with your classmates, instructors and mentors Be the best doctor you can be. Get involved in our student organizations and volunteer for community service. For more information, Visit:
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