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April 23, 2018
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Here come the MATCHES! We would like to congratulate our 2018 Matches on their success and wish them good luck as they open the door to the world of medicine.   With the educational advantages that Saint James School of medicine provides, the challenges of Medical School and the competitive nature of the field, we know it takes a certain kind of talent to enter a brave new world. We tip our hats to the students who excelled and elevated themselves in matching.   This year has seen an increase in our number of Matched alumni and we expect this tradition to continue. SJSM matched student’s come from all over the country, and represent a diverse and multicultural group. We’re excited for them to start this next chapter.   With matched residents in every field, from family medicine to surgery, SJSM is proud to present our best in class for 2018. For more information on our matched residents and our MD program, please visit our site.
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