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Our Chicago Open House Shines

May 25, 2018
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There is something special about becoming a doctor. From popular culture to literature, to the medicine men of lore, we are constantly fascinated by what it means to be a doctor. Their tales have been memorialized and mythologized for centuries.

So it was on a warm May afternoon in Chicago that SJSM conducted one of its popular Open Houses. Held across the US and Canada with the aim of personalizing and de-mystifying the process. Each Open House includes both a presentation and a Q&A session. Parents are encouraged to attend, and matched Alumni are also encouraged to speak about their experience.

The presentation featured three advisors and was kicked off by Nicole Lasco, an admissions advisor. Each member of the team delivers a segment of the presentation. Topics include an overview and background on the program and SJSM itself, basic science studies of the curriculum, life on the Islands, clinical rotations in Chicago and finally, matching and finding a residency.

The setting is professional and polished —which is a good barometer to indicate, that the school means business. The prospects— which were an even balance of both men and women, were poised and alert. There were also a few parents in attendance, and they were determined to get as much information as they could. The advisors offered valuable insight and information, as senior advisor Ryan Habekorn states, “We are here to be advocates for the prospective student, when they have made the decision that helping people is their calling, it’s not about the MCAT, it’s not about the GPA. We are looking for the motivated and the passionate.”

Matched Alumni were also in attendance and were a valuable addition to the presentation. Not only did they speak to their time at SJSM, they also offered valuable insight on both the admissions process and matching into a residency. Abdul Dada, who is starting his residency in family medicine this summer, shared— “Medical Schools are tough, so it’s going to be stressful, but Saint James helps you get through it, when you are applying for your residency, it’s a very difficult time to stay in touch, but they managed to do it.”

The attendees were delighted to get one on one time with Alumni who had gone through the experiences and could give them the inside scoop.

The attendance was strong, the presentation was informative and engaging—and the attendees utilized the Alumni that were present, asked questions with purpose, and seemed excited about the prospect of becoming a student at SJSM.

No doubt, ready to add their story to that great saga of being an M.D.

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