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SJSM St. Vincent Celebrates Science Day

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It was a celebration of science as fourth semester medical students at the Saint James School of Medicine in St. Vincent got a jumpstart on their medical school research requirements when they conducted original research projects. It was part of their Research in Health and Medicine (RHM 3) course requirements and students explored a variety of topics in their research from depression to weightlessness. Six projects in total were developed by student teams under the supervision of three faculty mentors. On Science Day, student teams delivered 12-minute oral presentations, and displayed their digital posters on-screen during the three-minute Q&A sessions that followed. Nine faculty judges determined the winners as follows: First Place was awarded to six students for their presentations of the following two projects: 1.“Depression Amid Medical Students Tested Against the Usage of Social Networking Sites (SNS)” by Saad Hanan, Shahrzad Torabi, Laila Ahmad and William Stansbury 2.“The Evaluating of the Methodology Employed to Screen for Newborns with Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) in Developed and Developing Countries; A systematic Review” by Yvonne Kabia, Kalsuum Nasser Deen Second Place was awarded to three students for their presentation of the following project: 3.“Personality Traits Amid Medical Students Tested Against Usage of Social Networking Sites (SNS)” by Garrett Bourgeois, Israa Abdalla, and Manivannan Satkunarajah Third Place was awarded to seven students for their presentations of the following two projects: 4.“Physiological and Pathological Long-Term Effects of Weightlessness; A Narrative Review of the Literature” by Star Bright Judson, Mathew Mullings, JeanPaul Larice, and Lisy Smith 5.“The Role of CCR5 as an Anti HIV Strategy; A Systematic Review of the Literature” by Ikem Obinna, John Bermeo, and Ann Anonye  
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