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Shifting Careers: A Non-Traditional Path to Medical School

November 21, 2018
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The road to a career in medicine isn’t the same for everyone. For some, it’s a straight path, for others, there are detours along the way – including a different career. A number of Saint James students had successful careers before deciding to attend medical school.

For Tina, a former Navy medic, the cost of pursuing her dream to be a doctor led her to the military. “Medicine was my dream since I was very young but I joined the military since I couldn’t afford to go to college,” she explains.

But after 21 years, she realized that medicine is still what she loves, so she chose to come to SJSM. “Caribbean medical schools are honestly a lot more friendly to people such as myself who didn’t come through the traditional path.”

For others, the realization of their desire to become a doctor comes later in life. Unfortunately, this disqualifies them from most US and Canadian schools, but not SJSM.

Robin had a successful career as a technologist in nuclear medicine, then pursued a career in marketing and even got her MBA. But the call to interact with patients was strong and she decided to attend medical school.

“I was working excessive hours at a marketing firm only to have projects canceled at the last minute, and a boss who would say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s not like we’re saving lives or anything,’” she explains.

So at the age of 28, she decided to actually save lives. She quit her job, and ultimately chose SJSM because of our commitment to the accreditation process as well as affordable tuition.

So if you’re working in a job that’s not fulfilling, and the call to medicine is getting stronger by the day, SJSM just might be the answer for you. Find out how you can make your dream come true at SJSM. Call the admissions team at 800-542-1553.

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