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Accomplished and Experienced Faculty to Help You Every Step of the Way

January 22, 2019
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One of the most vital components to the success of your education at Saint James School of Medicine is our experienced and accomplished faculty. Not only do all faculty members hold an M.D., a Ph.D., or both, they come to Saint James with a dedication to providing the highest quality education to help students achieve their goals.

“When you hear that your students got residency or became practicing physicians in the U.S./Canada, it is a very exciting and rewarding feeling,” shares SJSM Medical Ethics and Physiology professor Aleksandar Dusic, M.D.

Our faculty comes from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, but they all have the same focus: a dedication to scientific instruction and academic excellence. And many choose SJSM over other schools due to the institution’s strong reputation. Dusic went on to explain, “SJSM has a good reputation and consistently provides affordable medical education while helping enthusiastic students to fulfill their dream of becoming doctors.”

In addition to the fulfillment they receive from teaching the next generation of doctors, many of our teachers are medical school professors from the U.S. and Canada who have moved to the Caribbean to enjoy a different culture and way of life.

At the core, the SJSM faculty is dedicated to providing the education, information, and support that our students need, whether it’s tutoring, mentoring, research support or one-on-one guidance. It’s the caring beyond the classroom that really sets our stellar faculty apart. “If students find themselves discouraged or they hit a roadblock, always have an open discussion with faculty and other senior physicians,” Dusic concludes.

If you’d like to learn more about our accomplished faculty and discover even more reasons why SJSM is a smart choice for your medical education, call 800-542-1553.

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