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Faculty Spotlight: Jose Ramirez S., MD

May 29, 2019
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Saint James School of Medicine’s faculty is made up of accomplished medical professionals dedicated to scientific instruction and academic excellence. All faculty members hold an M.D., a Ph.D., or both. Saint James School of Medicine faculty offer tutoring, mentoring, one-on-one guidance, and research support. Dr. Jose Ramirez is one of the faculty members at Saint James. Why did he choose to teach at Saint James School of Medicine? What is his advice to medical students? Background Dr. Ramirez received his medical degree from UNEFM-Venezuela and his surgical degree from Hospital Vargas de Caracas- Universidad Central de Venezuela. He is part of the Saint James School of Medicine faculty for almost three years now. Dr. Ramirez teaches PDI, CCBS1, Pathology, and handles Basic Sciences Review Course for students. He is also the current Dean of Administration of Saint James School of Medicine. He started teaching in 2004, right after he finished his studies, by teaching students during their internship. While he was studying to become a surgeon, Dr. Ramirez was given the responsibility of teaching and training medical students, as well as other residents. After he became a surgeon, he worked for several hospitals in his native Venezuela and he taught students during clinical rotations. Dr. Ramirez also worked as a coordinator of postgraduate studies in the surgical program at the Perez de Leon Hospital, located in Caracas, Venezuela. He has been teaching and training students and residents for a long time about his lifelong passion: surgery. Dr. Ramirez has six publications about surgical techniques in Venezuela under his belt. He performed the first STEP surgery in Venezuela for short bowel syndrome. He also won first place in a video contest at the International Congress of Surgery in Caracas Venezuela 2008 for Microvascular Flap of Fibula: Its Use for Oral Cavity Reconstruction. Why Teach at SJSM? Saint James School of Medicine gave Dr. Ramirez the opportunity to work overseas and to improve his skills as a professor. It also helped him to hone his communication skills, as it is important for any medical professional to master several languages and to communicate ideas to patients, peers, and students. Why Choose SJSM? Saint James School of Medicine opened a new way to increase his networking around the world by allowing him to meet amazing people from all over the world. The school has allowed him to grow professionally as a teacher as well as an administrator. In addition, the Match Rates at Saint James School of Medicine are above average compared to other schools in the Caribbean. Besides being able to help students learn, the fact that the school has such high match rates means the students get to go on to residency set up with a great education. Advice for Students Dr. Ramirez says that students really need to work hard when it comes to studying medicine. According to him, if you’re a student and you think you have been studying hard, then you need to do it harder. There's no question that a lot of time and effort is needed to invest in the medical field. Dr. Ramirez says that all of the time and energy spent preparing is worth it. As well as how rewarding it is to know that you are helping people avoid suffering. To Dr. Ramirez, the most fulfilling part of teaching in a medical school is being part of the preparation of the future generations of physicians, not only from an academic point of view but from every perspective; humanistic vision, values, honor, ethics. Dr. Ramirez believes that being a doctor is not just about having medical knowledge but passing it forward. Every day, he passes on this same sense of passion and drive to his students and hopes one day, they’ll be able to guide the future physicians of the world to make a difference just like he has.
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