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Student Spotlight: Cinna Attar

March 30, 2020
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SJSM graduate Cinna Attar, MD found the perfect way to recharge his batteries from the stress of studying:

“Living on an island was a dream come true. For 16 months I lived on the beach. Every time I needed to escape from my studies I would walk the beach for 30 minutes, watch the sunset, and listen to the waves before I would resume studying. You cannot get that experience in America.”

Dr. Attar, currently an internal medicine resident at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, had three reasons for choosing Saint James School of Medicine, the affordability of tuition, living in Anguilla, and our clinical rotation sites in Chicago.

While rotations are not conducted on the sunny beaches of Anguilla, Dr. Attar had this to say about his clinical rotations “The clinical rotations are superb. Being able to rotate through Mercy hospital in Chicago provides students with an intimate look at what bread and butter medicine is. You see every pathology you have learned about in the textbooks and become comfortable working in a team to treat patients.”

These experiences during clinical rotations helped make his choice to pursue his internal medicine specialty because it allows him to “serve my community, further my understanding of bodily processes, and work with other dedicated practitioners to improve the lives of patients.”

Originally from South Carolina, Dr. Attar attended the University of South Carolina for both his undergrad and master’s degree. Matching just one state over in Georgia allows him to stay close to his home and family.

For incoming students, Dr. Attar has the following advice:

“Medical school in itself, is a hard road to take. SJSM puts you on that road and provides the quickest and cheapest route to reach your goal of becoming a doctor. But, it is up to you to stay consistent in your studies, always staying curious about what you are learning, and constantly being surrounded by other motivated and encouraging individuals as you purse the goals you have set out for yourself.”

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