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November 22, 2022
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Saint James School of Medicine announces the Summer 2022 Dean’s List. The Criteria for the Deans' List : Top 3 students in the cohort with highest number of As/Bs.

Congratulations to all of our students who made the Dean’s List this semester!

Anguilla Campus:

  • MD1
    • Jeffrey Jones
    • Mackenzie Landers
  • MD2
    • Harmanpreet Kakkar
    • David Michael
  • MD3
    • Nima Gharibi
    • Mikyla Reesor
    • Janus Rodriguez
    • Walid Sanallah
  • MD4
    • Kelley Hurley
    • Johanna Ladella

St. Vincent Campus:

  • MD1
    • Adriana Landivar Rocha
    • Benyame Woldetsadik
    • Thai Cao
  • MD2
    • Riyad Hermas
    • Samantha Karp
  • MD3
    • Brittany Stickman
    • Meredith Shaffer
    • Karina Portillo-Leones
    • Janelle Nelson
    • Riddhi Chaudhari
    • Preye Amaruntowa
    • Maria Miranda
  • MD4
    • Seth Batchelor
    • Milandeep Singh
    • Jane Abucha
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