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Dr. Aleksandar Dusic

Dr. Aleksandar Dusic

When did you Join SJSM (year)?


Subjects Taught:

Medical Ethics, Microbiology, Physiology, Behavioral Science, BSRC


St. Vincent

Faculty Rank:

Associate Professor

Academic Degree:



Belgrade University

Degree Obtained:


Years of Teaching Experience:


Years of Research Experience:


Notable Research Publications:

  • Dusic A., Harish C. Gugnani H., Milutinovic M.*, Amirpur M., Mohammed M.***, Moshre B.***, Sirajudeen H., Hayes A., Jack J., Bradford L., Etchu V., Dickson J., Paulino R., Machaj P., Arif M., Brown J. Awareness of AIDS amongst High School Students in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Indian Journal of Communicable Diseas6e3s Volume 2 Number 2, July - December 2016 DOI:
  • Mohammed D., Wilcox S., Renee C., Janke C., Jarrett N., Evangelopoulos A., Serrano C., Tabassum N., Turner N., Theodore M., Dusic A., Zeine R. ‘Cyberchondria: Implications of Online Behavior and Health Anxiety as Determinants’. Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences ¦ Volume 7 ¦ Issue 2 ¦ July‑December 2019
  • Dusic, A., Davies, L. (2021). African Immigrants with Autistic Children in the United States of America. Academia Letters, Article 3038.

List any awards or notable achievements:

  • Coauthor in writing a chapter in the book: 6. Wilcox S., Huzo O., Minhas A., Walters N., Adada J.E., Pennington M., Roseme L., Mohammed D., Dusic A. and Zeine, R. The Impact of Medical or Health-related Internet Searches on Patient Compliance; The Dr. Net Study. Chapter in Aker, H. & Aiken, M. (Eds.), Cyberchondria, Health Literacy, and the Role of Media in Society’s Perception of Medical Information, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, 2021

Why I love teaching:

I really enjoy teaching and helping students to achieve their dream to become medical doctors. Sometimes could be challenging but also is very rewarding., especially when they let us know they have passed USMLE exams and got residency in US.

Outside of classroom:

Swimming, snorkeling, cycling, playing guitar
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