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Dr. Namani Sathyanarayana

Dr. Namani Sathyanarayana

When did you Join SJSM (year)?


Subjects Taught:

Human anatomy (Gross Anatomy-General anatomy, Thorax, Abdomen and Plevis, Upper and Lower limb, Head, Neck and Brain)


St. Vincent

Faculty Rank:

Associate Professor

Academic Degree:




Degree Obtained:


Years of Teaching Experience:


Years of Research Experience:


Notable Research Publications:

  • Antidiabetic activity of Solanum torvum fruit extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Frontiers in Nutrition, 28 October 2022. Impact Factor 6.
  • Ameliorative Effect of Quercetin on Methotrexate Induced Toxicity in Sprague-Dawley Rats: A Histopathological Study. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, 2016, 50, 3, 200-208. Impact factor 0.8
  • In vitro Antioxidant Assay, HPLC Profiling of Polyphenolic Compounds, ASS and FTIR Spectrum of Malaysian Origin Solanum torvum fruit. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. 2015, ISI Journal, 5, 320-329. Impact factor 0.8.
  • A rare Variation inthe formation of median nerve, its embryological basis and clinical significance a case report. NepalMed Coll J, 2009, 11(4), 287-90. Impact factor 0.556.

List any awards or notable achievements:

  • SAS Eminent Fellow Member (SEFM)-2021

Why I love teaching:

Teaching gross anatomy and embryology with a focus on preparing students for the NBME and USMLE Step 1 exams is a gratifying endeavor that combines my love for teaching with the practical goal of ensuring students succeed in their medical careers. I find joy in guiding students through the complexities of the human body's structure and development, laying a solid foundation for their clinical understanding. In my class, students can anticipate a meticulously designed curriculum that aligns with the specific requirements of these crucial exams. I am dedicated to providing comprehensive and integrative learning experiences, using interactive methods, clinical correlations, and case-based discussions to enhance their understanding. By emphasizing the relevance of anatomical and embryological knowledge to clinical scenarios, I aim to equip students not only with the information needed to excel in exams but also with the critical thinking skills essential for their future medical practice. My passion lies in witnessing their growth and success, and students can look forward to a supportive and engaging learning environment where their academic and professional aspirations are nurtured.

Outside of classroom:

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