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Dr. Iryna Vyshnytska

Dr. Iryna Vyshnytska

When did you Join SJSM (year)?


Subjects Taught:

Biochemistry and Medical Genetics



Faculty Rank:


Academic Degree:

PhD, MSc


National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Degree Obtained:


Years of Teaching Experience:


Years of Research Experience:


Notable Research Publications:

  • Alfa-1-Antitrypsin predicts severe COVID-19, Renal Cancer in conditions of hyperglycemia
    World of Medicine and Biology/DOI 10.26724/2079-8334-2023-1-83-100-105;
  • Rare-earth orthovanadate nanoparticles trigger Ca2+-dependent eryptosis Nanotechnology 34 – 2023. - 205101 (12pp)
  • The significance of ischemia for the proliferative activity of the mucosa in inflammatory bowel diseases
    Georgian Medical News – 2022. – № 7(328). – С. 133-137.

List any awards or notable achievements:

  • Membership of the Ukrainian Biochemical Society
  • Membership of the Ukrainian Association of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Ukrainian Patent IPC G01N 33/48, G01N 33/483. A method of diagnosing the structural and functional state of cytoplasmic membranes

Why I love teaching:

Biochemistry and Genetics course is challenging for most students. So, my mission is to make it as much as more clear for students. I have a strong background in both Chemistry & Biochemistry that allow me to teach effectively. For a truly successful learning community, the importance of open two-way communication is emphasized in my classroom. This only happens if there is mutual respect.

Outside of classroom:

Yoga & snorkeling
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