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Dr. Jyoti Prabha Bharati

Dr. Jyoti Prabha Bharati

When did you Join SJSM (year)?


Subjects Taught:




Faculty Rank:

Associate Professor

Academic Degree:



Kathmandu University, Nepal

Degree Obtained:


Years of Teaching Experience:

7 years

Years of Research Experience:

10 years

Notable Research Publications:

  • Bharati J, Ulak S, Keshari A, Acharya A. Drug utilisation pattern of antihistamines in upper respiratory tract infections in paediatric patients. J Kathmandu Med Coll. 2021;10(1):28-32.
  • Prabha Bharati, J., Ulak, S., Vaidya Shrestha, M., Mani Dixit, S., Acharya, A., & Bhattarai, A. (2021). Self-medication in Primary Dysmenorrhea among Medical and Nursing Undergraduate Students of a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study.¬†Journal of Nepal Medical Association,¬†59(238).
  • Bhattarai A, Khanal KR, Prabha Bharati J. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Orthopedic Outpatient Cases in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study. JNMA J Nepal Med Assoc. 2021 Nov 15;59(243):1116-1119. doi: 10.31729/jnma.6767. PMID: 35199759; PMCID: PMC9124331.

Why I love teaching:

I love teaching because it is one of the rewarding career options and provides me with the opportunity to inspire and empower students in shaping the future of healthcare. Additionally, the intrinsic rewards of teaching often make the profession fulfilling, reducing the stress associated with work-life balance.

students can look forward not just lectures; they can participate in discussions, case studies, and hands-on experiences where theoretical knowledge converges with practical applications through case studies and discussions. Students will explore the broader impact of pharmacology on patient care, emphasizing the ethical considerations and real-world implications of drug use.

Outside of classroom:

Beyond my professional life I am passionate about a variety of interests, I like to explore different places, I love photography, going for hiking, cooking, dancing and many more activities that contribute to my happiness.
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