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Sjsm Integrated
5-year Md Program


Our institution is dedicated to the academic success of our students, and therefore, our curriculum has been specifically designed to prioritize their learning. Students in the 5 - Year MD program complete their Pre-Med classes year-round (in trimesters) before applying to the MD program.

Students can enter this program after they have completed high school / secondary school in their respective country. This course of study meets the same standards as a Premedical program in the US; thus, once transitioned into the MD program, it offers them the same chance of achieving excellent results in the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and residency. Our Pre-Medical program is 4 semesters (16 months) long and is conducted at our campus on the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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5-year Md Program Progression

Basic Sciences

Upon completing the four semesters of Pre-Medical coursework, students will transition into the Basic Science portion of the MD program. The first five semesters of Saint James School of Medicine’s MD Program will help you build a strong foundation for your medical career.

Our Basic Sciences curriculum consists of lectures, research, and lab-based teaching at our two Caribbean medical school campuses. All courses are designed in the USMLE format, and study is supplemented with hands-on clinical training at the local hospital whenever possible.

Small class sizes offer you one-on-one attention from our experienced, enthusiastic professors. Tutoring, mentoring, and one-on-one guidance are all available. Our supportive student community offers plenty of opportunities for peer-led learning groups.

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Clinical Sciences

The Clinical Sciences component of our top-quality MD Program is completed over five semesters (80 weeks) at affiliated hospitals and clinical facilities in the United States.

Clinical training at Saint James School of Medicine is divided into 48 weeks of core clerkships and 32 weeks of elective clinical rotations.

Our students do USMLE prep and the clinical rotations alongside students from some of America’s best medical schools at a fraction of the cost. Saint James School of Medicine has a strong, established network of U.S. hospitals and clinical institutions, and we continuously invest in growing this list.

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Bachelor’s Degree

In addition to a first class medical education, the 5-Year MD program offers other great benefits, such as the issuance of a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences after completing the first eight semesters of the program (4 Pre-Med semesters, plus 4 Basic Sciences semester).

This is the only Premed program in the Caribbean that leads to a Bachelors degree, so if students decide that medicine is not the right option for them, they can branch out into other fields and pursue a Masters if so desired.

Undp Collaboration

Saint James School of Medicine has partnered with the United Nations Development Program’s Reef-to-Ridge Project to develop a Bachelor’s level program that would benefit the SJSM students and the local community. Our Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences program has been approved by the Ministry of Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is meant to educate students on the modern issues surrounding communal health and safety. Students who enroll in our 5-Year MD program will automatically earn credits toward the Bachelor’s Degree. Upon completing the first three years of the 5-year program, students will receive their Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences.

Where Can I Practice?

Upon completion of the 5-year MD program from Saint James School of Medicine, students will be able to obtain residency and licensure in the United States and Canada, as well as the Caribbean, UK, Africa, and other countries. Saint James School of Medicine is proud to have hundreds of graduates thus far, most of them currently practicing medicine in the United States and Canada.

Why Study Medicine
In The Caribbean

Studying medicine in the Caribbean can offer several benefits to aspiring medical students. Firstly, the cost of tuition and living expenses is often significantly lower compared to studying in developed countries. Secondly, the region has a rich cultural heritage and provides a unique experience for students to immerse themselves in a new environment.

The medical schools in the Caribbean are well-equipped with modern facilities and resources and provide a strong education in the field of medicine. Additionally, Caribbean medical schools have a reputation for producing highly skilled and competent healthcare professionals who are well-equipped to work in a variety of clinical settings.

Geographically, the Caribbean is conveniently located near the United States, Central and South America. Additionally, students from Africa, Europe, and Asia can easily reach the Caribbean using several airline hubs such as Barbados or St. Martin. Both islands in which the school is located are English-speaking, making the cultural transition easy to adjust to. Overall, studying medicine in the Caribbean can be a great opportunity for those who are looking to pursue a career in medicine while also gaining valuable international experience.

Accreditation & Recognition

Saint James School of Medicine is a fully recognized and accredited medical school. Our program is designed to follow the standards of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) as well as the standards of LCME from United States.

Our Accreditation

Tuition & Fees

Saint James School of Medicine prides itself on being one of the most affordable accredited schools in the region. We strive to ensure that our tuition is accessible to any aspiring physician. Our Pre-Med program starts at U.S. $6,500 per semester, while our MD program tuition starts at $9,150 per semester. In comparison to other Caribbean and North American schools, SJSM continues to provide the best value.

Tuition and Fees
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