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Tuition & Fees

One of the lowest tuition among accredited Caribbean Medical Schools

For Anyone Considering
Medical School

You understand just how prohibitive the admissions process can be. Heavy competition for medical school programs and high tuition fees mean that many excellent potential doctors get left behind. But the good news is, you don’t have to be one of them.

At Saint James School of Medicine, we believe that a medical career should be attainable for everyone with the commitment and ability to succeed. We offer a quality medical education at the most affordable tuition amongst all accredited medical schools.

Sjsm, Lowest Tuition Amongst
All Accredited Medical Schools

Because our mission is to offer an accessible medical education, we keep our fees as affordable as possible. In fact, we offer the lowest tuition amongst all accredited medical schools. Our tuition is still competitive even to non-accredited medical schools. Choose Saint James and start your medical career with less debt.

How Sjsm Tuition Compares With
Other Medical Schools

Source: American Association of Medical College (AAMC), and individual school websites.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees For All Campuses Are In United States Dollar

Tuition & Fees Anguilla St. Vincent
Tuition: Basic Science Program
Tuition per semester $11,150* $9,150*
Total Tuition for 5 semesters $55,750 $45,750
Tuition: Clinical Science Program
Tuition per semester:
*Includes a variable hospital surcharge of $8,000, Liability Insurance: $400. Subject to change according to hospital requirements.
$13,500* $13,500*
Total Tuition for 5 semesters $67,500 $67,500
Other Fees
Enrollment fee:
*This Enrolment fee is non-refundable and includes $1,000 reservation fee and a $1,500 administrative surcharge.
$2,500* $2,500*
Other Expenses: Basic Science
Books & Stationery (5 semester x $500):
*Please note this cost is estimated and may vary.
$2,500* $2,500*
Basic Science Course Repeating Charge:
*Per course per semester.
$3,000* $3,000*
House/apartment rent (20 months x $750/$500):
*Please note this cost is estimated and may vary.
$15,000* $10,000*
Airfare (1 round trip):
*Please note this cost is estimated and may vary.
$700* $700*
Other Expenses: Clinical Sciences
Books & Stationery (5 semesters x $900):
*Please note this cost is estimated and may vary.
$4,500* $4,500*
Clinical Science Course Repeating Charge:
*Per week.
$843.75* $843.75*
NBME Certifications (per additional CBSE Exam, CCSE Exam, and/or Core Clinical Subject Exam) $250 $250

Please Note:

  • All students enrolled in the Basic Sciences Program are responsible for their books, transportation,house rent and living expenses.
  • All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.
  • All tuition and fees are expressed in United States Dollars.
  • Books and stationery costs may vary each year.
  • The above rates are estimates.
Tuition Payment & Refund Policies

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